• OEM Service

  • Counseling Service

  • Packaging Service

  • Nutrition Facts Label Service

  • Thai FDA Registration Service

  • Several Stock Production Lines

  • Natural Manufacturing Process

  • Determinable Manufacturing Order Quantity


Stock Manufacturing Service


HOM-GROON provides temperature-controlled stock manufacturing service as per customer’s request, including R&D team that will collaborate with entrepreneur in product development process, counseling service, packaging service, nutrition facts label service, and Thai FDA Registration service. Customer can order us to do the small amount of sample product for market testing.


We have several stock production lines, such as pork stock, chicken stock, fish stock, vegetable stock, sukiyaki soup, shabu-shabu soup, and pork backbone broth. Freshness is our prominent point. We provide you the fresh organic bone broth. No artificial flavor. No preservatives. No Monosodium glutamate. Thus, our products are suitable for the growth of consumer interest in healthy lifestyle.


We truly understand SME business’s necessity and limitation whether it be the problem about product development, minimum production quantity, or packaging. For this reason, we are willing to fulfill customer’s requirement, especially entrepreneur who starts doing temperature-controlled stock business. If you’re interest in building or expanding stock business, you can contact us to consult about your problem. We’re willing to provide counseling service and deliver the best product for you.